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Why all of the  shade being thrown at the Crone?

The Crone Archetype, a study conducted at St. Catherine’s University, Minneapolis, Minnesota, describes the Crone as “a pre-existent form in the collective unconscious that embodies instinctive ways of channeling wisdom, inner knowing, and intuition, guiding us through the transition of life, and going inward to bring forth the light for transformation.”

It is interesting to note that the description includes a metaphor for giving birth, as turning inward and bringing forth light and transformation, despite modern ideation that the Crone is barren.

Crones channel wisdom, inner knowing, and intuition.  By bringing forth light from the darkness (new information) and transformation (new interpretations of, or applications for old information) Crone is a visionary leader on our earthly path, a guide through the shadows of our psyche, and a priestess of the spiritual realms. Her experience has been hard won, not only by way of mistakes, but the vagaries of chaos & her journey through her Shadow side.

Many witches resist Crone because of her age & appearance, and a belief that this elder aspect of the Maiden/Mother/Crone is another attempt to push women of age into a box of invisibility where they are no longer of value in a youth and beauty focused society. The Crone is past her time, beyond her expiration date, unworthy of the male gaze and, ultimately, unf*ckable (a standard brilliantly and bitingly revealed in a comedy sketch, by Amy Schumer).

Consider the relative lack of protests for the Maiden aspect. This glaring absence of fault finding with the one archetype of the MMC that focuses on youth, vibrancy and beauty and sexuality apart from motherhood, is a much more telling commentary of ageism in our modern culture than the Triple Goddess-MMC could ever be.

It is not the Patriarchy, nor the modern, narrow definitions of beauty that are responsible for usurping Crone’s power and authority. Rather, it’s the very eschewing of her ageless beauty by modern women. Their fear and revulsion of the Crone is a self perpetuating catch-22, they are reinforcing the single Crone aspect they most fear, and the single one they cannot escape - natural ageing.

“When women resonate or activate the Crone archetypal image they tap into the psyche to reclaim primordial images and receive the power within them that honours older women.”

The Crone Archetype: Women Reclaim Their Authentic Self by Resonating with Crone Images Joanne Sienko Ott.

Shade is being thrown at Crones in more than this aspect; their wisdom is often derided by younger witches who mistake her wisdom & fearless speaking of truth & critique as criticism.  

The deeper meaning of these words couldn’t be any more different.  

Critique speaks of analyses & observations made of the STRUCTURE & offering suggestions on the topic under discussion; it is IMPERSONAL & RESPECTFUL.  Often the connotation is that if a deliberation is a "critique" and not a "criticism", then there is "a lot of extra thought and profound meaning" behind what is being said.

Criticism is the “expression of disapproval of SOMEONE based on their perceived faults” - herein lies the difference - it is PERSONAL & DISRESPECTFUL.  

The advent of social media & numerous pages & forums on particular subjects, along with the influence of social media platforms such as Tik tok; with its WitchTok page which largely focuses on the younger generation & their ideas of the "witchy aesthetic", along with the bastardisation of the Craft; has led to a split between the younger & older generations.  

Instead of the energy, effort, study & devotion needed to understand the Craft,  our world has sometimes forgotten or actively ignores the wisdom that can be found in critiques by Crones & elders - those who have lived & experienced a rich & eventful life on their journey of learning; instead seeing them as wounds to the ego - a criticism, & meeting the observations with scathing comments, keyboard tantrums, or abuse such as generality - “all of you guys do...”.  

There are “how dare you’s” & demands that only those who agree with them respond to social media posts - to the point that if there is a question or request in a post, & Crones or other elders can see underlying pitfalls - we are warned to wave it past & don’t comment as it may be seen as disrespectful...that our comments are automatically disrespectful if they other words, disregard the wisdom & insight found in differing perspectives in order to massage the fragile ego.  

We are stronger than that...or we should be...

To only have perspectives from those who agree doesn’t teach the value of inner strength & resilience & a widening of education & perspective by accepting new ideas, critiques, disagreement, caution, or even a warning; all of which may add a strong foundation, a richness & depth to experiences or studies. It instead teaches a condescending disdain toward others wisdom; to not accept it with the grace & respect in which it is offered - a one sided, superficial, skewed version of reality.

How is a younger witch to learn what it is to walk this Path if they choose to cherry pick, to totally ignore or meet the depth of wisdom & learning from the Crones & elders with derision & arrogance...?

Witchcraft isn’t fluffy bunny, far from it, there are usually many tears shed in the gaining of wisdom; from the use of plaentary hours to cast a spell or hold a ritual, or create a sigil, or work with divination tools such as tarot, runes, or oujia board.  What it isn't is the witchy aesthetic, or broadcast streams of witchcraft & vampire programs - mostly it’s a hard ongoing & ultimately rewarding calling, with challenges designed to address our Shadow side that bring frustration & tears, & events that “break us open”, that strip away our preconceived beliefs - the Tower moment - in order to question & teach us.

In extremes, we may have everything taken away to put us onto the path destined.  Being a witch isn’t about showing off a perfectly curated - yet barren of meaning altar, or to dress as a "witch" to appear for 30 seconds on a platform to gain "likes", nor is it casting spells to bring riches or fame, or someone toward us - removing their agency for clear choices & free will, or to revive a relationship that has served its purpose, taught what was needed & breathed its last; instead it is so much deeper - it’s about the SELF & OUR path of service to ourselves, to others, & to the Divine.  

With much love & respect from a Crone

Blessed Be

©2009  Vicki Tiernan. All Rights Reserved.