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Ye Olde Witchy Curiosities

Did you know...?

A little Witch housekeeping wisdom...

Sprinkle salt on the floor & as you do, ask that it clears out all nasty or negative energies, sweep from back to the front.

Sprinkle salt outside your front door & under windows to stop negtativity crossing the threshold.

Stir your food & include 3 stirs for love & a happy home.

When you see a white feather on the ground it's a passed over loved one saying hello.

Soak parsley in water for 9 minutes & sprinkle it through your home while visualising a peaceful home.

Place candles in fridge or freezer for a few hours before burning; they won't smoke or spit.

Plant rosemary at the front gate for removing negativity, lavender near the front door for love & healing.

Place a pot of water on the stove & place orange peels for blessings, cloves for protection & banishing & cinnamon for love, success & strength. bring to a slow boil, then simmer for 5 minutes

*** NEVER  leave a boiling or simmering saucepan on the stove unattended.

As you place your feet on the floor in the morning: say 'Thank you'.

Take three deep breaths with yoru feet on the floor in the mornings, one for yourself, one for those you love, one for the Divine.

Visualise your shower as a shower of glittering, cleansing white light, clearing away all of the tensions, stresses & negativity of others.

Place Bay leaves in your wallet for fast money.

Write ABUNDANCE on a Bay leaf & burn it SAFELY to welcome abundance.

Chat to your plants, they'll grow & fruit more prolifically.

Talk to the bees, they are the Divine message carriers & heralds of  abundance.

Wasps mean someone is speaking with spite or jealously.

If there are ravens or crows in your vicinty you'll receive a message or guidance from Divinty. Greet them & be friendly toward them; they're very intelligent & can remember faces of friends or foes...they also pass the information on to others in their group.  If they decide you're a friend they won't swoop, or leave a mess, instead they'll leave small, shiny gifts as a token of their regard; in some cases have been known to guard or warn their friends of approaching danger.

Knocking on wood 3 times alerts the dryads or wood  spirits of your presence, acting as both a protection from bad luck & an act of gratitude that brings good luck.

Throwing salt over the left shoulder with the right hand keeps ill luck  & ill wishes away.

Some plants will turn their leaves upside down when rain is coming.