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4 of  Swords :

Inner Strength...

There are times when action isn't the "right" action.  When we are constantly in motion & focusing on what is in front of us; we can lose sight of the value in the very different  action of going within, of closing our eyes, slowing our breath & having a respite.  

It is often in these moments inner strength is found & when we embrace that space of stillness; we give ourselves peace, & what we need to know may also arise...

Weekly Card Draw:

13th. June 2021

Monthly Card Draw

The Gift:  

9 of Wands:  

Choosing Battles Wisely...

The Lesson:

King of Wands Rx:

Mastering Tolerance...

To receive the Gifts we must learn from & integrate the Lesson.

The King reversed in the Lesson position speaks of the urge to wrest control of a situation from others & imposing your will upon others.  Although we may feel we know best & forge ahead there are times to take our hands from the wheel & allow others to be in control; resisting the urge to point out their mistakes - or to take credit for their efforts.

This is where the Gift card speaks so eloquently, reminding us to sit back, allow others their mistakes, as well as their time to shine in situations.  

The reversed King has much to offer if he chooses to mentor wisely instead of being intolerant & becoming controling or abusive...

The Gift:

XVI The Tower:  


The Lesson:  

XIII Death:

Let Go...

To receive the Gifts we must learn from & integrate the Lessons.

At first glance, both cards seem like quite a bumpy ride; one speaks of sudden change; while the other is one of an unwillingness to let go of old energy.  

In essence; what both cards are saying is that it's a fear of the future that needs to be approached in a practical way - to master your fears by action instead of  giving in to them.  The Gift card speaks of a "shaking up" that can occur when we refuse to heed the "messages" we are receiving & the Lesson card speaks of inevitable change that occurs to all...it's time to gain a different perspective by embracing the shift...


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