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Deviant Moon


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18th July 2021

Monthly Card Draw

The Gift:  

VII The Chariot:  

Speed & Clarity...

The Lesson:

10 of Swords:

Ignoring  the Past ...

To receive the Gifts we must learn from & integrate the Lesson.

The Gift card is one of  gaining clarity regarding power imbalances & being able to move forward freely with the insight gained; this truly is a positive card for those who wish to embrace assertiveness & autonomy.  

The Lesson card points out the  pain endured & the feeling of  being "stuck" - perhaps by unresolved past issues or pain & the need to address it in order to grow.  The past &  its hurts often play out in the present day - in the people we choose to have in our lives, to relationship patterns & employment opportunities.  This month, take some time to go within & ask yourself where you feel "trapped" or "backstabbed" - tease out the pattern & perhaps get help to resolve it - your chariot awaits to move you forward...

The Gift:

VII The Chariot:  

Self Control & Triumph...

The Lesson:  

V The Hierophant Rx.:

Self Determination...

To receive the Gifts we must learn from & integrate the Lessons.

The Gift is one of tenacity, mastery over obstacles & a movement in the right direction.  The speed ofprogress is related to the importance of the situation at hand & the effort expended.  

The Lessosn card speaks of the importance of being your own person; of  nonconformity & travelling your own path.  When we stop trying to gain others approval; we allow our creativity & dieas to flow - keep in mind; many who changed the world are represented by this card...


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7 of Wands:

Turning Point...

Some may have felt backed into a corner due to current or recent past circumstances; perhaps learning the hard way how to harness their courage & stand in their power.  

Today may be a turning point in the current situation - bringing a warning of staying the course & not allowing others to violate  boundaries - don't wait until the last minute to reinforce them - the sooner the better...