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21st February 2021

3 of Wands:

Virtue & Integrity...

The time for acting needs to be tempered with careful reflection in order to bring the intellect, spirit & body into alignment.  Check into your centre of stillness & ask whether  theire are any valid reasons for self doubt; or whether those doubts & fears are simply projections from the external world.

When we pay close attention to our inner world; we find solutions & take action congruent with who we are...

Monthly Card Draw

The Gift:  

10 of Cups:  

Completion & Fulfillment...

The Lesson:

IV The Emperor:

Authority Issues..

To receive the Gifts we must learn from & integrate the Lesson.

Both the Gift & Lesson cards have aspects of the Aries energy around them - the Cups have rams horns as handles & the Emperor has a lamb at his feet.  The Gift card also shows the Lotus at the apex of the Tree of Life pouring down love into the Cups; which then flow to all others who are prepared to receive. The Gift is that when we come from a place of authenticity there is no need for dominance or emotion; there is recognition for loving qualities.

The Lesson card is a reminder that resistance to change & maintaining dominance via force or manipulation may have the very opposite of what was expected.  The Emperor speaks of enlightened leadership & encouraging growth & fulfillment...

The Gift:

9 of Swords Rx.:

Change & Simplifying ...

The Lesson:  

10 of Wands Rx.:

Recognition of Past Baggage...

To receive the Gifts we must learn from & integrate the Lessons.

This week is one of moving past fears & anxieties by changing our perception on past issues.  The Lesson card speaks to a realisation of the impact the past has on us & our behaviours toward ourselves & others & the need to stop thinking catastrophically.  Asking ourselves whether something is based in fact, or are we projecting our fears & stresses onto others can help us - if we're honest with ourselves.

In short, this week brings an indication that perhaps it's time to put down those burdens & issues that don't belong to you, learning to say no in the process...


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