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Knowledge is Transformation, Transformation is Freedom

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A Contemplative Moment...

In which areas of your life have you  been inauthentic...?

Is it when you're asked where you want to go for dinner, or how you're feeling...?

Or is it when you put yourself last & others first & ignoring your feelings...?

Becoming authetic means taking a little time to go within & find your truth around issues, it's choosing to say: "Give me time to think about it" when pushed for an answer.

It's choosing to say no when necessary...

This is the path to authenticity..

  Contact Details:

  Contact Vicki for an appointment on 0413 059551

Skype/FaceTime: Vicki Tiernan or  vickiclairvoyantmedium


  A time of great paradox, where both fear & optimism play their part.  How do you keep your path clear of the detritus

this time of great change brings...?

Allow Vicki to assist you on the next positive step of your journey through life.

  Vicki lives & works in the beautiful Southern Highlands, an easy & enjoyable drive just over an hour south of Sydney;

as well as working with international clientele in varied locations such as the New Zealand, United Arab Emirates,

Britain & America.

Directions & details are available at confirmation of your appointment.  Vicki also travels to conduct workshops & group bookings.

** Until further notice I will not be hosting face to face sittings.

I will still be accepting bookings for Skype/FaceTime, Zoom or phone sittings.  

Please be assured energy doesn't have boundaries; so Skype/FaceTime, Zoom  or phone are still effective carriers of energy & information